I place an emphasis on understanding the tools I work with. It is important to not only understand how they work but also why they work the way they do.

Core Tools

Unreal Engine 4

  • Use blueprints to create complex (modular) systems

  • Iterate on existing features based on player feedback

  • Prototype quickly and effectively in UE4.

  • 4 years of experience

Google Sheets

  • Quickly create advanced sheets for team use

  • All sheets created should serve a purpose. I aim to provide clarity to the user

Godot Engine

  • Able to use Godot language

  • Client - Server coding

  • Modular systems

  • 2 years of experience

Perforce & Swarm

  • Experience using Perforce for four years

  • Can work with and without integrated Perforce tools in UE4

Source control, Engines & Other tools

Unity Engine

  • Create working concepts as a designer using C#

  • Use analytics to identify design issues.

  • 1 year of experience

Visual Studio

  • Used to work with C# in Unity on a passion project.


GameMaker: Studio

  • Used to create prototypes

  • Used to create small hobby projects

  • >2 years of experience in engine.

GameMaker Studio 2

  • Used to create prototypes

  • Used to create small hobby projects

  • Three months of experience


  • Used with Git integration

  • Used in one hobby project for half a year


  • Used to prototype websites and communicate page designs to web programmers

  • Quick UI prototypes

Planning & Communication


  • Used for sprint planning

  • Used to keep track of bugs (QA)


  • Used for remote work

  • Used as an unofficial communication channel at the academy.


  • I run/moderate discord servers for several games.

  • As team communication tool

  • Effective communication over long distances