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Crumble of Civilizations

Crumble of Civilizations is a multiplayer round based strategy game with an emphasis on specialization and working together.

The game is designed by a team of two and I'm doing all the programming! This project features complex systems that interact freely with each other.

It is scheduled to release around 2022.

Captain Starshot

I have worked to create a fully modular ability system for this game using Blueprints. This system was then used to add 20+ unique abilities to the game. The game is available on steam!

My role on this project was that of a Tech designer. The project took one year to complete with 20+ developers.

Tiles Apart

Tiles Apart is a mobile puzzle game that I created last year. I worked to develop over 70 puzzles and worked to create paper prototypes for secondary mechanics. The game is available on the Appstore.

My role on this project was that of a generalist designer with a focus on level design.

Rage quit

This is my first school project available online ( My role on the team was that of a level designer. A big challenge in this project was making sure it ran well even when everything in each section was destructible.

I joined this project in a later stage because my original project got cancelled which proved to be a good learning experience.


Werewolves is a version of the popular party game "Werewolves of Millers Hollow". This version has greatly expanded upon the original game and fixed some of the issues with replayability and balance. It introduces more than 120 new roles to the game while maintaining the core gameplay of the original.

I have made the designs for all cards in this game.